An innovator and tastemaker, DJ Sofa King Evil's influence is immeasurable. Through his unique talents and passions, he consistently brings people together, immersing them in enchanting realms that give rise to enduring memories and timeless moments.

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    Award-winning DJ, Sofa King Evil has become one of the most sought after music figures in the industry. Occupying a prominent place amongst DJs in the southeast and across the globe, the master mood shifter was crowned with Creative Loafing’s Best of Atlanta Award in 2012. Over the years, Sofa Evil King has rocked parties for Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes and Erykah Badu as well as been hired to curate the soundtrack for a myriad of nightlife establishments, prominent brands and music festivals, including the NCAA, Colt 45 and One Music Fest. He built his culturally diverse platform on seamless yet aggressive transitions as well as his unique blending and scratching techniques that invite people to move in vibrational harmony or bounce off walls.  



    Theo Celeste, an Army brat, began spinning in high school as a creative outlet to increase his social currency, but also because he had a deeply rooted interest in hip-hop, particularly indie southern rap. Raised in Clayton County, a suburb south of Atlanta. Learning the art of DJing from observing his classmate DJ at raves in Atlanta's dance music scene at an early age, set the stage for the deejay’s genre-defying ability to play all music, for all people. He adopted mixtape legend DJ Jelly’s style until he was able to define his own. Heavily influenced by Three 6 Mafia, Outkast, So So Def Bass Allstars, 2 Live Crew and the whole Miami bass sound, the young turntablist who plays both vinyl and cds, understood early on the power of connecting and uniting people through music.  


    Theo made his mark as a college radio shock jock at Clayton State University, where he went by the stage name "Sofa King Evil," he engaged (and often enraged) his audience by pushing boundaries and buttons. His bold, tongue-in-cheek on-air behavior made him such a popular multi-media personality on campus. Sofa King Evil was first recruited professionally by a local club to play a high energy set for a car show afterparty. His ability to command the crowd attracted similar gigs however his respect for the vastness of music fueled his desire to be unbound by genre and era. A pivotal player in the game, Sofa King Evil easily separated himself from the pack by offering more than just the ability to bring a party to life. In addition to his wide range of experience and musical taste, he creates the artwork and provides marketing and promotional services for his bookings. 


    Sofa King Evil, who hosts a monthly event at ATL’s legendary MJQ Concourse, is also an avid memorabilia collector and sports fan, specifically wrestling. As a result, he spins at the quarterly Vintage Connect Con held at the Georgia World Congress Center where vendors from around the country gather to buy rare clothes, sneakers and other collectibles. Since 2007, the vocal talent has used his skills as the in-game host for Clayton State University’s basketball team, the Lakers.

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